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Apply to the 1st Annual

running october 1, 2022 - october 31, 2022

In 2020 the world changed, people’s priorities shifted, and dense urban and suburban areas seemed to be the places many people were trying to get out of, not into. Small towns across America began to see visitors who were seeking the slow pace and solitude of those areas. Some of these visitors upended their lives to relocate to these small towns where, if they had wi-fi, they could make a living. New businesses began sprouting up where rents were cheap and the cost of living was low. The idea that you needed to live in a city to have access to a standard way of living disappeared with the growth of delivery services. It was happening, small towns were making a comeback.


As these areas of our country began to see a revival there was growing concern that the sense of community so ingrained in these places would begin to be lost. Would the initial reasons people were drawn to these small towns: solitude; slower pace; sense of community; remain? The Small Town Revival Art Exhibit aims to showcase artwork that reminds us of the essence of small-town America. Artwork will capture the people, places and vibes of these areas but, most importantly, the reasons why people have become so drawn to them in the first place.

Submission Deadline: August 1, 2022

Apply to the Small Town Revival Art Exhibit

submission criteria

  • Fill out the contact information to the left and hit "next".

  • Provide a 250-word artist statement about your work and what small-town America means to you.

  • Provide information and images for up to 3 artworks. The information that will be required includes: artwork title; medium; size; date created and retail price. You will also need to include up to 150-word narrative for each artwork. You are not required to submit three different pieces. 

  • There is a $20 submission fee. The fee covers submission of up to three pieces.

  • The deadline to submit is August 1, 2022. 

Artwork Criteria

  • All artwork submitted must be available between October 1 and October 31, 2022.

  • All artwork must have been completed in the last 5 years.

  • There are no size limits but artwork must be created to be displayed at a retail price no higher than $400.

  • Works should represent the people, places or vibes of small-town America. Abstract art is allowed so long as it’s interpretation can reflect the idea of small-town America.

  • All mediums are welcome. All wall artwork must be framed or, if canvas/wood panels, must be be ready to hang.

A downloadable PDF of  the full application can be found here. The PDF can be used as a guide for preparing your submission but all submissions must be filled out online.

northern arts collective

Located in door county, Wisconsin

12044 Hwy 42, Ellison Bay, Wisconsin 54210
Questions: email

Selection & next steps

Submissions will be reviewed following the deadline of August 1, 2022. Artists will be notified as to whether any of their artwork has been accepted no later than August 15th.

Important considerations

If work is accepted, Artist will be required to deliver artwork to Northern Arts Collective no later than September 18, 2022. Artwork can be shipped at the artist's expense. All remaining artwork is required to be picked up no later than November 11, 2022 or it will be shipped back at the expense of the artist.


The artist will be required to sign a consignment agreement. All sales will be subject to a consignment fee of 40% of the purchase price. Artist will retain 60% of the purchase price.


Artwork must remain with Northern Arts Collective for the length of the exhibit running October 1 - October 31 or until sold. Additional terms will be outlined in the consignment agreement. A sample consignment agreement can be found here.

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